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TEFL Courses

TEFL courses can be done by anybody who has a good flair of English language. Good English language skill is the only criterion. TEFL course can be easily done by the native English speakers from countries like the USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada. The non-native speakers are also eligible for a TESOL course if they possess near native language skill.

TEFL Online

TEFL course or the course for ‘Teaching English as Foreign Language’ has become mandatory for teaching English in most parts of the world. An accredited TEFL certificate is a requirement for most of the schools, institutes or corporate. TEFL course can be for ‘Young Learners’ or for specialization in ‘Business English’.

GLOBAL Training Academy offers online TEFL course programs for the second language English teachers. There are in all four types of courses offered by GLOBAL Training Academy , which are Foundation TESOL course, Advanced TESOL Course, Business English TESOL and Young Learners TESOL.

Foundation TESOL course is a sixty hour program with ten hours teaching practice, Advanced TESOL course comprises of the Foundation course and Teach Business English or Young Learner course.

The two other online TEFL courses offered by GLOBAL Training Academy are Business English and Young Learners, which are specialization courses helpful for teachers who are already teaching.

GLOBAL Training Academy’s online TEFL courses are therefore, varied and cater to the requirements of all aspiring as well as experienced ESL teachers. These online TEFL courses cover all the basics of teaching ESL such as speaking, listening, reading and writing, developing vocabulary and grammar. The best minds in the field of ESL including renowned ESL teachers and leading academicians have designed these online TEFL courses. They are designed in a scientific manner and incorporate all the latest developments in the field of teaching ESL. The online TEFL courses cover different methodologies and approached to teaching ESL and apart from the core ESL teaching skills, also train teachers on other nuances of teaching such as classroom management.

The online TEFL courses of GLOBAL Training Academy are aimed to equip teachers with all the know-how and skill required to teach ESL and also helps teachers to gain the extra knowledge to become specialized in the different ESL teaching fields. Not only aspiring ESL teachers but also professional ESL teachers stand to gain from these online TEFL courses for they can upgrade their skills, learn about the improvisations in teaching ESL and get a fresh perspective on ESL teaching.

These online TEFL courses are also very convenient for students and professional ESL teachers to pursue at their own convenience without interrupting their commitments and schedules. These courses can be pursued from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and helps the trainees to pursue their dreams without the inconveniences of spending, time, energy and money usually involved with travelling. Furthermore, GLOBAL Training Academy ’s online TEFL courses have as much value and credibility as their onsite counterparts and the term ‘online’ is never mentioned on the certificate.

The TEFL certificate course is like a ticket to the world. With this certificate the teachers can expect ESL job placement in various parts of the world like the Asian countries, Middle East, Europe and in South America.

GTA - Online TEFL Course ReviewI found the course content to be useful and appropriate. The online trainers were competent and professional and I have found confidence after completing the course. The course exceeded and met my expectation level. I will recommend the course to my friend. The best thing that I found in the course was that the phases were organized and very well divided but I found that the video sound was not loud and clear. I completed the course quickly and it was well covered.
Suchita Mehra, India

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