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People interested in traveling and exploring exotic places all over the world usually take up English Teaching jobs abroad. These jobs not only provide a gateway to many countries but also provide the finance to support their stay and travels abroad. Teaching English as a Second Language Abroad provides an insight into different cultures and societies and is an enriching experience in itself and teaching English in some countries can be a very lucrative career option as well.

Teach English in International Schools, Language Schools

Teaching second language English in various parts of the world is a very popular career choice in recent years. There are several English teaching opportunities for native English teachers and non native English teachers. The most important criteria for taking up an ESL job worldwide are good language flair and a TESOL or TEFL certificate.

Teach English China

China is one of the hottest ESL destinations. The ESL teachers in China ca expect good remuneration and other facilities. China is one of the most exotic countries in the world, which huge diversity in every sphere. While working as an ESL teacher here you will get a wide exposure to the diverse and unique culture of this country and visit some of the best places in the world. Read more

Teach English Korea

South Koreas schools and language institutes recruits hundreds of TESOL certified teachers each year. As most of the contracts are for a year, the teachers will get ample time to enjoy their tour and earn enough to send back home. The salary of the teachers are comparatively high than any other parts of the world. Read more

Teach English Thailand

Thailand is another prospective destination for the TESOL certified teachers. As it is the one of the most popular tourist destination of Asia, most TESOL certified teachers prefer to come here to have a gala time. Read more

Teach English Europe

Europe is a dream destination of most tourists. However, the expense of traveling in Europe deters most tourists. But after getting a TESOL certificate it is possible to get a second language English teaching job in various parts of Europe like Czech Republic, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece and Spain. These are countries of incredible natural beauty and very rich culture. Thus, as an ESL teacher it is possible for them to stay in Europe and sponsor their trip here.  Read more

Teach English Latin America

Latin America is another hot destination for the TESOL teachers as many countries in the continent hire ESL teachers regularly. Spanish and Portuguese are the commonly used language in this country. English teachers are recruited in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Costa Rica. These are also some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and to get an ESL job here will be ‘a dream come true’ for any travel freak. Read more

Teach English Africa

African countries recruit ESL teachers on a regular basis. However, the remuneration given to the teachers here are not very high and in some places the teachers might have to give volunteer service. In African countries like, Egypt, South Africa and Morocco better salary can be expected by the teachers. Read more

Teach English Asia

Some of the Asian countries are the highest providers of TESOL jobs in the world. Countries like Japan, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and China. In some of the countries like Japan and South Korea, native teaches with good qualification and experience can earn a lump some amount. In the Asian countries the teachers will be able to experience the most exotic culture and visit some of the most scenic places in the planet. Read more

Teach English Middle East 

Middle East is a hot spot for the ESL teachers. The countries in this part of the world pay very high salary to its English teachers, which is tax-free. A TESOL certified teachers with good academic qualifications could expect to earn a lot in the Middle Eastern countries. The countries where the demands of ESL teachers are considerably high are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Yemen. Read more

Why teach English Abroad?

There are many reasons why people choose an ESL career in life. Everybody has their own explanation and reason behind taking up an English teaching job abroad. Teaching English in various parts of the world is considered as professional development of by many teachers as these skills can be utilized in various other sectors of work. The maturity, adaptability and the motivation found within the ESL teachers are some of the most sought after virtues for all professions. As ESL teaching experience also helps people evolve as a better person. It broadens horizon, develops personality and makes a person self sufficient. The most popular reason behind choice of an ESL career is the chance of traveling overseas and earning enough to sponsor the trip. This profession does not limit the teachers to just one part of the world but gives opportunities across continents. Teaching English abroad is perfect for people who are interested in learning other languages and have intellectual bend towards linguistics. Not only language, an ESL teacher can witness a world of diverse cultures, variety of customs and the daily lives of people across the world upfront and personal.


GLOBAL Training Academy provides its online TESOL Diploma / Certificate graduates global job placement in AsiaAfricaLatin AmericaMiddle East Asia, and Europe.

GTA - Online TEFL Course ReviewI found the course content to be useful and appropriate. The online trainers were competent and professional and I have found confidence after completing the course. The course exceeded and met my expectation level. I will recommend the course to my friend. The best thing that I found in the course was that the phases were organized and very well divided but I found that the video sound was not loud and clear. I completed the course quickly and it was well covered.
Suchita Mehra, India

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